Method of Payment Options

Property Tax:
eCheck (electronic check is an online only transaction)
Credit Card (accepted online, at the counter or by phone at 800-884-6091)
  • Tax certificates are cash only transactions
  • eCheck offers the option of paying property taxes online by writing a check electronically from your checking account. There is a flat $1.50 convenience fee when choosing this payment option
  • Credit card transactions have a 2.4% convenience fee. A convenience fee is what the credit card companies and payment processors charge. Governmental agencies unfortunately cannot absorb the fee like retailers and must charge it to those who choose this form of payment. Johnson County does not retain any portion of the convenience fee. The ability to pay property taxes by eCheck or credit card is important for many people who request it as an option. We wish there were not any fees of any kind and continue to work with the credit card companies but without it, we would not be able to offer the service.